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We Watch So You Don't Have To! is a podcast featuring Ryan Webb and Andrew Price that attempts to uncover deep meanings and hilarious realizations behind truly awful movies.
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Mar 28, 2016

This adventure is out of this world! Or more precisely, on the moon.

Picture the year 2087. Man has colonized the moon. And invented unimpressive robots, slightly hovering cars, moon casinos, moon dive bars, and even pizza dispensers! The future is unintentionally lackluster in this sci-fi "comedy" starring Eddie Murphy, Rosario Dawson, and Randy Quaid.

Join us as we dissect one of the most universally under-performing films of all time.


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Mar 21, 2016

How the heck did we make it SIX whole episodes without doing a Nicolas Cage movie? Well that changes today, as WWSYDHT presents Episode 7 - Trespass!

This flick stars the aforementioned Nic Cage, plus mega-star Nicole Kidman and a band of bumbling thieves. Can super cool diamond dealer Cage outsmart the robbers that break into his home and hold his family hostage? Or will he lose the diamonds AND his leverage?

Tune in as we break down some truly strange voice acting, contemplate the purpose of bedroom doors that only lock from the outside, and do a play-by-play of the most mind-boggling final scene that this podcast has ever encountered.

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Mar 16, 2016

Is this the best episode Andrew and Ryan have ever recorded? They sure think so. In fact, they predict that years from now, this will be the anchor track for a Greatest Hits album. It's that good.

You've got big stars - like Jamie Kennedy! And possibly maybe even Kristen Wiig! And don't forget the zany animated pets and kids getting into Looney Toons-like shenanigans. It all adds up to a roller coaster of an episode filled with shouting and whispering, believing and disbelieving. Andrew even threatens to start his own podcast. Is this the best and last episode of WWSYDHT? Tune in to find out! 

tags: jamie, kennedy, son, of, the, mask, son of the mask, bad, sequel, comedy, movie, movies, podcast, awful, hilarious, films, worst, film

Mar 10, 2016

This one is a doozy. Put the kids to bed and tell grandma to cover her ears.

In their defense, Ryan and Andrew set out to watch a different movie but ran into some technical issues...sound familiar? In a state of exhaustion and frustration, they found Bad Johnson - a movie about a man whose penis magically detaches from him and takes on human form. If you've been waiting for an episode where Ryan and Andrew have to continuously refer to male genitalia to describe the plot of this movie, then congrats! This is the one for you.

Oh and there's a brand new intro song debuted at the start of the episode. So do yourself a favor and go ahead and press play already!

tags: johnson, bad, penis, comedy, movie, movies, podcast, awful, hilarious, films, worst, film

Mar 4, 2016

Uh-oh! Ryan and Andrew ran into some technical snags that delayed recording of this episode until late into the night. The end result is a whiskey-fueled, madcap analysis of the hilarious blockbuster Catwoman. This movie is packed with huge stars, CGI cats, and oh so many cat puns. I know, how can it not be a hit?

Tune in as we dissect every jaw dropping moment and contemplate the feline flick's feminism undertones. And the basketball scene! Oh the basketball scene. Trust us, you do not want to miss this edition of WWSYDHT!


tags: catwoman, bad, comedy, halle, berry, movie, movies, podcast, awful, hilarious, films, worst, film

Mar 2, 2016

Raise your hand if you like Mila Kunis… yeah you do. Raise your hand if you like William Shatner… who doesn’t! Raise your hand if you like Morgan Freeman… no brainer. Well what if I told you that all three of those talented people worked together on this movie and still weren’t able to make it watchable. But don’t worry, we watched so you don’t have to! Tune into this episode of the podcast to hear all about Mila Kunis as a totally believable serial killer, William Shatner portraying a pervy, horndog college professor and the directing talents of Morgan Freeman. That’s right THE Morgan J. Freeman.

tags: bad, comedy, american, psycho, mila, kunis, sequel, 2, movies, podcast, awful, hilarious, films, american psycho, american psycho 2, worst, film, patrick, bateman

Feb 25, 2016

For our second episode we watched the 1978 CBS TV event the "Star Wars Holiday Special" and boy is it a doozy. Tune in to try and make sense of this extremely bizarre, almost forgotten journey into the Star Wars universe. We'll tackle questions like what's Chewbacca doing when he's not at home, what's really going on with the shopkeeper and what's the deal with that sex machine that was gifted to Chewbacca's dad Lumpy.....errr Itchy. Yeah Itchy. 


tags: bad, comedy, star, wars, holiday, special, 1978, movies, podcast, awful, hilarious, films, star wars, star wars holiday, lumpy, itchy, chewbacca, worst, film, special

Feb 18, 2016

We kick things off by discussing the wildly popular, straight-to-video sequel Inspector Gadget 2. Take the nostalgic cartoon from your childhood, add French Stewart as the leading man and sprinkle in some low budget special effects and you've got yourself one wild ride. Enjoy!

tags: 2, bad, comedy, gadget, inspector, movies, podcast, awful, hilarious, films

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